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What is an Ultrasonic Dog Repeller?

The most humane and safe way to deter an unfriendly dog is the Ultrasonic Dog Repeller. By pressing the power button in conjunction with the verbal and/or hand command, it can also be used as a dog training device… What is an Ultrasonic Dog Repeller? If you want to keep those unfriendly dogs out of […]


What is Dog Repellent Spray?

Dog repellent spray is a pepper based solution that is used to effectively ward of canine attacks. Your best defense as always is to avoid potentially dangerous situations if you can by always being aware of your environment and any dogs that may be in the vicinity. When this is not possible you will need […]


What is a Telescopic Steel Baton?

  Telescopic Steel Batons are made up of three separate sections that are tubular shafts of steel. The further from the handle section you go, each section gets smaller in diameter. This allows the shafts to collapse into each other for storing the baton. The three sections form a rigid solid steel baton, when fully […]


How To Avoid A Canine Attack

Did you know, that each year over 30 people fall victim to fatal canine attacks? Also, annually nearly 400,000 people are treated for bites from canines. Man’s best friend is put in a whole new light for many people when faced with these sobering statistics. It’s hard to understand by some people who have loving […]


What is a Police Baton?

Today’s Police Batons are much different from the billy club from days of old. Police batons today are usually either an expandable steel baton or a tonfa. These police batons or tonfas are made from a long piece of wood or fiberglass about 2 feet in length that has a handle attached to it. By […]


What is a stun baton?

When you need to have some distance between yourself and the person or animal you are attempting to stun; Stun Batons are the most effective. Combining the high voltage and extended reach; the stun baton provides a deterrent against attack and an effective weapon… What is a stun baton? By maintaining your distance, they will […]


How to Use Mace Self Defense Spray

The strongest and most effective humane deterrent available for protection against attack is found in the Mace Triple Action self-defense spray. Using dry nitrogen as a propellant; this unique formulation of CN tear gas and OC pepper spray solution is in a solvent blend that is proprietary to MACE. If you carry MACE for personal […]


Cheap Stun Guns

Bad quality is not the same thing as Cheap when it comes to stun guns. The Z-Force and Runt 350 are effective self-defense weapons that fall into the cheap stun guns category. Easily concealable and definitely able to surprise an attacker; the cheap stun gun is a great choice. If you are able to catch […]


Shock Stick for Your Protection

  It is clear to us that having a longer distance between you and an attacker matters, since one of our top sellers are the shock stick (especially the mini shock stick). What is also clear as indicated by the feedback we’ve gotten over the years,  is a lot of people use the longer stun […]