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What is a stun baton?

When you need to have some distance between yourself and the person or animal you are attempting to stun; Stun Batons are the most effective. Combining the high voltage and extended reach; the stun baton provides a deterrent against attack and an effective weapon… What is a stun baton? By maintaining your distance, they will […]


How to Use Mace Self Defense Spray

The strongest and most effective humane deterrent available for protection against attack is found in the Mace Triple Action self-defense spray. Using dry nitrogen as a propellant; this unique formulation of CN tear gas and OC pepper spray solution is in a solvent blend that is proprietary to MACE. If you carry MACE for personal […]


Cheap Stun Guns

Bad quality is not the same thing as Cheap when it comes to stun guns. The Z-Force and Runt 350 are effective self-defense weapons that fall into the cheap stun guns category. Easily concealable and definitely able to surprise an attacker; the cheap stun gun is a great choice. If you are able to catch […]


Shock Stick for Your Protection

  It is clear to us that having a longer distance between you and an attacker matters, since one of our top sellers are the shock stick (especially the mini shock stick). What is also clear as indicated by the feedback we’ve gotten over the years,  is a lot of people use the longer stun […]


What Are Electro Shock Weapons?

  Today, electroshock weapons are commonly referred to as stun guns, Taser devices, or stun batons. Did you know that before these modern devices came along there was the most well-known electro shock weapon called the cattle prod? Most people have seen this, it’s a long baton type device usually held by an animal handler. […]

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Alternative Protection

Stun devices or pepper spray can be intimidating, not only to a would-be attacker, but to the person carrying them.  Many people aren’t carrying these items for that exact reason – it can be intimidating and uncomfortable. So, what is an alternative? If you are afraid to carry a stun gun or pepper spray, or if you […]


Women’s Self Defense

If you are unwilling or unable to train in the Martial Arts, then other self-defense options must be considered. Many types of weapons are available today and some of the most popular self-defense weapons for women today include stun guns and pepper sprays. Women in the Wild West were typically known to carry small derringers […]

Personal Alarms – An Effective Distraction

  One question you may have if you have ever watched a martial arts tournament in person or on television is; why the combatants yelled loudly while fighting or exhibiting their forms. This noise can be a great way to bring attention to the assault, and actually distract the opponent or attacker. This is the […]