Defend Yourself With Personal Protection Tools

support for israelImagine this: When walking down the street, out of nowhere, someone with a big knife is coming straight at you. What do you do? With no police officer there to protect you, this situation becomes very real. This madman is intent on inflicting as much damage as they can to you or even kill you.

support for israelWith the increased violence that is happening which is aimed at killing Israelis and also the probability of the US government to bring Muslim “refugees” to our country, the United States, it is not a far fetched idea to envision scenarios such as this happening in one of our own cities. In fact, the government of Israel is now instructing their citizens to arm themselves and to carry a weapon with them.

We have seen a remarkable increase in the number of visitors to this site over the past several days, from the country of Israel. What these visitors are searching for is something to protect themselves with that they can carry every day and use to defend against these abhorrent and unprovoked attacks on their lives.

Personal Street Protection Tools

To have as a self defense tool they can use on the street, people are checking out the expandable baton which tops the list. The baton can block an attack and give a powerful offensive capability as well which makes this a good choice. This strong and sturdy tool made of steel is not a flimsy weapon and can be used to keep yourself alive.

street protection tool steel baton

With one of these, you can block a slash or thrust and immediately counter with a solid blow to the attacker’s body parts or head. Having the ability to protect, defend, and counter attack someone with a crazed mind out to inflict carnage upon you, can not only save your life, but probably the lives of other people as well.

The telescopic steel baton has an included holster making it very easy to carry, and is fairly inexpensive as well. In fact, you can have something that saves your life while providing both defensive and offensive capabilities, for less than 30 bucks including shipping.

While for most the steel stick is a good option, there is another self-defense tool that I’ve seen used in horrific situations such as a machete wielding attacker, put on the ground immediately. This is the TASER and without a doubt it is THE most effective non-lethal tool available.

The TASER has the ability to immediately take over a person’s body and making it impossible to move, negating the extra expense for this device. With the built in laser it is almost impossible to miss, and easy to use. The distance at which you can take down an attacker makes this a much safer weapon of choice as well.


While some states do not allow you to possess the TASER, and the price tag may put it out of reach for some, it is hands down the best option to have when you need to immediately stop someone who is crazed and out for blood.

It is necessary in more and more situations to have something with you to protect yourself on the street. As we see in Israel, not having a weapon when you need one may cost you dearly.