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Survival Gear - Bug out bags and kits

Bug out bags, survival gear and kits, an absolute must for the survivalist.

These bug out bags are designed for the average homeowner who wants to protect their family without having a lot of knowledge of what it takes to plan for surviving a disaster. The survival gear is all packed and ready to go which is what preppers and people in the emergency preparedness industry refer to as “bugging out”. If you would like more information on building your own bug out bags and kits, please read: Bug Out Bug In – Be Prepared

All of these Long Term Food Storage Survival Bug Out Bags & Kits were designed following guidelines and advice given by government agencies such as FEMA, non-profit agencies, and other experts in the emergency preparedness industry.
Our survival kits and bug out bags contain the following: (see individual kits for detailed contents)

Food & Water: Included in every bug out bag is food and water. The amount and types of food are detailed in each bag description since they vary widely for different purposes and lengths of bug out time. All food has a shelf life of at least 2 years and most have 7 years with the long term food storage products rated at 25 years! The rated shelf life will also be included on each individual product details page. The rations of food in water in each bag will adequately provide enough nutrition to last for that bug out bags rated term without the need for additional supplies.

Light & Communications: You will need lighting and communication with the outside world in a disaster or power outage. The supplies in the bug out kits will provide you with lighting from a candle or hand powered flashlight, to an all-weather radio.

Warmth & Shelter: You will need to be protected from the wind, sun, rain, or any other conditions you may encounter from outside weather forces during an emergency or disaster. You will have adequate supplies included in the survival kit to deal with these scenarios.

Tools: Designed to be useful in disaster situations; you will have a variety of tools included with your bug out kit. For a detailed list of the included tools in your bug out bag see product description.

Sanitation & Hygiene: Staying clean in a disaster situation is imperative for safety against infection, disease, and depression. These kits have included supplies to help with sanitation and hygiene.

First Aid: Being able to protect against minor injuries and offer first aid in a disaster circumstance is of utmost importance. Each bug out bag has an included first aid kit.

Other: Positive mental attitude is the single most important deciding factor in a life or death situation. These supplies will aid in stress relief and fighting depression during strenuous or challenging circumstances such as a disaster or blackout.

For specific included supplies and details of those supplies please see each individual product description of the bug out bags and survival kits.

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