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Infrared Motion Alarms

An Infrared Motion Alarm puts an invisible barrier around your home that SCREAMS at you when someone breaks the beam. You’ll know when someone gets too close! Not only for corporate security anymore, every homeowner can have the high tech protection without the high cost.
Motion Alarms work by establishing an area of protection using invisible beams or rays known as infrared. As long as their integrity is maintained, they will sit there being an obedient watchdog for you. But when someone gets in their field, they go all berserk making all kinds of noise waking you and scaring off the potential home intruder. If the area of protection is disturbed or any type of motion is present, the sensors will trigger an alarm that alerts you to the intrusion. For perimeter defense, you can set these up to monitor specific zones of likely entry. Your entire home can be surrounded by an invisible field that can not be penetrated without triggering an alert and giving you the extra time to take precautionary actions.
Infrared Motions Sensors Work!
These stand alone motion detection alarms are perfect for specific areas you need to protect. The PIR (passive infrared) sensors will pick up any movement within the infrared detection zone and sound off the alarm. The auto dialer will even call your cell phone or any other number you program into it when there is a alarm event.

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