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Pepper Spray

Imagine feeling like your eyes are being stabbed with a knife while your face feels like it has the worst sunburn you can imagine. That is what your attacker will feel when he has been sprayed in the face with one of our hottest pepper sprays.

These self defense sprays are effective in personal protection and are simple enough to deploy that anyone can use them as a means of defense. We believe that everyone should at the very least have a personal pepper spray with them. Pepper sprays are pressurized canisters that contain OC (oleoresin capsaicin ) and a propellant agent that when sprayed into the eyes or face cause a serious reaction such as heavy mucous build up and an extreme burning sensation. This forces an attacker to halt what he is doing and focus only on breathing to survive, and if he’s smart enough seeking water.

Because they are reduced to concentrating on every inhale and exhale they are not able to focus on anything else. If they try to rub this off of them (and they will) it just grinds in the pepper causing more agony. This gives you plenty of opportunity to get out of there and find safety.

The effects of these pepper spray can last up to 45 minutes and most of them contain an identifying ultraviolet dye that cannot be washed off. This way the police can positively identify your attacker later using the UV dye.

The reason we carry so many different models of pepper spray is because we believe that you should have one in your purse or pocket, on a keychain, in your automobile, and in your house to help protect against home invasions. This is one of the cheapest forms of self defense and also one of the most effective ways of defending yourself.

Be sure to see our new independent lab reports of the hotness of the most popular brands of pepper spray. We are proud to carry some of the hottest brands of defense sprays. For many years Mace, Pepper Shot, and Wildfire brands of pepper spray have been protecting families just like yours.

Some states have restrictions on Pepper Spray. Check if your state has restrictions.

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