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Animal Repellents

These pepper sprays are formulated to be used as animal repellents.

Don’t become a vicim of a vicious dog or bear attack, these animal repellents are special formulated pepper sprays that are powerful in preventing animal attacks. It’s becoming all to common, while walking or jogging in the neighborhood people are confronted with aggressive canines. While camping in some common tourist spots, it’s not unusual to even be confronted with a bear. So then, how do we defend ourselves against these sometimes brutal or deadly encounters with animals such as canines or bears? With animal repellents.
Many different animal repellents exist, the most common being dog repellent. It can be a very terrifying experience when we are faced with a dog that has broken free of their chain or not secured in the first place. This can be a real problem if the dog feels threatened or if the dog thinks that their territory is being invaded. We need to have a swift and effective self defense strategy to avoid serious consequences here.

A dog that feels threatened is a dangerous dog regardless of their breed or size. This is important to know because some people think that certain breeds or sizes will not bite. Just ask a delivery person, they are frequently targets of these canine attacks, in fact, most of these delivery service professionals carry animal repellents to prevent these animal attacks.

More critical and dangerous than a canine attack is a bear encounter. A bear can easily overpower and cause serious injury or death. It is important to understand a bear will attack when they are surprised or protection of their young. It is a wise idea to have a bear repellent on any trip you make in bear country. As with any item for self-protection this will need to be easily accessible if it is needed so carry your bear spray in a holster on your side.

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