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Mace Brand Pepper Spray

The best selling brand of defense sprays has been Mace pepper spray for a long time.
This is because the Mace brand has a wide variety of pepper spray formulations such as for animal control like bear repellent and canine repellent, and they have designed them in easy to use canisters and deployment sytems that anyone in your family can carry and use.
Another reason mace brand pepper spray has been the leader in the self defense industry with their defense sprays is the blend they use. This blend contains three key ingredients, OC (oleoresin capsicum), UV dye (ultraviolet dye), and tear gas (CS). This blend makes this an effective means of self defense because the OC and tear gas work together to instantly cause extreme pain. The UV dye then “paints” the assailant for later identification by the police. They aren’t getting out of this one.
Don’t be a victim take charge of your self defense and fight back. The Mace line is extensive with many sizes and styles to choose from. Two of our favorite types of Mace is the pepper foam and the pepper gel. In windy situations the pepper foam works well because it is heavier and the mist won’t blow back in your face. The pepper gel works well because this is goopier and just sticks to the assailant like glue.
A few models we would like to mention are the Mace police models, personal models, and pocket models that also include holstered keychain pepper sprays. We are confident you will find a model that will fit into your lifestyle as another tool for your self protection.

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