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Wildfire Brand Pepper Spray

Wildfire Pepper Spray is independently verified by Chromtec LLC laboratories to be the hottest pepper spray available!

Wildfire Brand Pepper Spray has one of the purest grade oleoresin capsicum formulas in a defensive spray. This improved upon formula is the best pepper spray available! Now certified by an independent lab to be the hottest pepper spray among the top 10 selling brands of pepper spray.
Wildfire Pepper Spray is now independently certified to be the hottest pepper spray among the top ten best selling pepper sprays. See the report here: What is the hottest pepper spray? More and more people these days are searching for ways and means to protect themselves and one of the most cost effective ways that people are choosing to do this is with wildfire pepper sprays. For instance, women are arming themselves with wildfire pepper spray because of its potency and ease of use.

Why choose wildfire pepper spray?

Wildfire Pepper spray is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry with you wherever you go and because It’s readily available and cost effective it is the preferred choice for self defense weapons. Now safety and shopping are happening together.

Protecting yourself with pepper spray is a very simple logic. Because we as humans depend on our sight to coordinate movement and muscle control, taking the ability to see away from an attacker by engaging them with pepper spray will have them stumbling around helplessly in severe pain and working extremely hard for that next breath of air. This also causes them to lose focus on the attack , because they are reduced to concentrate on their breathing and searching for water to alleviate the burning.

So, once we have decided to add pepper spray to our self protection tools, we must do some research to determine which defense spray we will use. Being aware of the different types of pepper spray, along with knowing how these products work, will be the first part of our research to ensure we purchase the right ones. Choosing a knock off brand could create a very dangerous dilemma if ever a time comes that defense spray deployment is needed and our knock off brand doesn’t function properly or is diluted.

Wildfire pepper spray has been tested in a lab to be the hottest pepper spray. The wildfire 18% pepper spray brand boasts 3 million scoville heat units.

Pepper spray is truly set aside from other personal protection products because the active ingredients: OC (oleoresin capsicum), tear gas (CS), and identifying dye (UV dye) work together to cause unbearable pain that will bring down the most aggressive even intoxicated assailant.

The inflammatory effects of Wildfire pepper spray will cause coughing, chocking, nausea, and swelling of the capillaries in the eye (causing temporary blindness). With the mucous membranes also now swollen, the attacker is reduced to life support breathing giving you that precious window of opportunity to escape and seek help. These effects are based on a 1 second burst from wildfire pepper spray and will last about 45 minutes with no permanent damage.

All of our wildfire pepper sprays have been formulated with a UV dye (ultraviolet dye) to aid in the identification of an assailant. This is the brand to get if you are looking to buy pepper spray.

Something to note:

We have been asked several times what is the difference between wildfire pepper spray and what the police carry?

There are two answers to this question: Police spray is branded under a different name (same lab) and the police pepper spray effects wear off quicker in order for them to place the suspect into custody. The civilian wildfire pepper spray effects last longer, giving you time to get away.

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