** Be Confident - Fight Back **


Preferred Defense carries a variety of high quality knives.

Our folding knives are good quality, get the job done, and are inexpensive. Most of our folding knifes comes with its own belt clip for ease of carrying and especially ease of access.

Our pen knives have always been a favorite item. They are actual writing pens that secretly contain a knife hidden in the pen. All you do is pull it apart to reveal the 2.13 inch blade contained inside. These elegantly designed pen knives come in either gold, black, or silver.

The Heart Attack is a keychain knife that looks like a heart. However, it is made out of very hard plastic that can be used for punching. Use it as a keychain and always have a self defense weapon available.

Throwing Knives are great fun and these are great for just starting out or practicing your throwing technique.

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