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Personal Alarms

These personal alarms provide the attention that attackers hate!
The last thing an attacker wants is attention. With these panic alarms we give them just that, plenty of attention. These personal alarms will be a great first line of attack because this can be used with just the threat of an attack. This is an electronic device that when activated emits an ear piercing siren-like sound. So you don’t have to wait to be attacked by an assailant you can activate the personal alarm as soon as the threat of an attack is likely.
When faced with the possibility of an attack, you want to be able to draw attention to the situation as soon as possible getting help from anyone who hears. A personal panic alarm or rape whistle will send a high-intensity blast that will let everyone know that you need help.

The assailant realises as soon as this sound is heard that much attention will be drawn to this situation which also increases the chance of being caught. This will deter the assailant from continuing with the attack and he is likely to seek a quieter more vulnerable target.

Put the odds in your favor with possession of the attackers worst enemy – Attention.

Personal alarms are small and won’t require a lot of space. They are easy to carry on a keychain and are extremely loud, drawing attention when you need it. We suggest you carry a personal alarm with you everywhere so you have the ability to draw attention in any crisis.

Panic Alarms are great for:
-Walking or Jogging
Since personal alarms do not have the ability to disable an attacker, we suggest using a panic alarm in conjuction with a stun gun or pepper spray. Together these self defense weapons will be an excellent set of tools for survival.

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