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Steel Batons

These steel telescopic police batons are expandable to 16, 21, or 26 inches with a simple flick of the wrist. These batons are easily carried and concealed in in the included leather case. Carry your steel baton with you on your belt loop or pocket until you need it then just flick it out to extend it.

Collapsible batons are easily hidden

It is easy to hide your collapsible baton and you will always have it where you may need an extended reach personal defense weapon. You can easily carry your expandable baton next to you in your car or even conceal it inside your boot. If someone decides to start trouble you will have something for them. The telescopic steel baton quickly extends and is ready for immediate use. This is a blunt impact weapon and will demand authority with one whack to an attacker.

The Collapsible Steel Baton Will Convince Anyone To Comply With Your Orders!

These steel batons are a serious self-defense weapon and should be used accordingly. We even recommend getting professional training so you are able to use this tool effectively. Law enforcement and other professional security personnel use the steel baton as a standard carry tool and their versatility is endless. These batons are effective tools to be used as aids in defensive and offensive techniques.

Expandable Steel Baton Details:

The expandable steel batons replaced the popular billy club for most law enforcement officers. With the included holster with belt loop the baton fits easily on duty rigs for security guards and other law enforcement professionals. The expandable baton has a positive locking system that will not allow the baton to collapse when you need it extended. The baton closes with a strike straight down on a solid unyielding surface.

The padded handle on the expandable steel baton allows for easy gripping. The included holster includes a hook and loop closure to keep the baton secure. When you need an effective self-defense tool with extra reach, the expandable steel baton fits the bill.

Lengths of Telescopic Steel Baton:

16 inch – 7 inches closed
21 inch – 8 1/2 inches closed
26 inch – 10 inches closed
*** We also now have an LED flashlight that attaches to the end of the steel baton. ***

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