** Be Confident - Fight Back **

Disguised Stun Guns

These disguised stun guns are not as they appear.
With these disguised stun guns you have you own personal protector. Nobody knows what you have until they know what you have.There is nothing better for self defense than the element of surprise, with these disguised stun guns you have what appears to be a cellphone, a flashlight, a pen, maybe even a marker but certainly not a powerful self defense weapon that will give you the ability to protect yourself and bring an attacker to their knees. You keep a very smart tactical advantage when people have no idea that you possess a self defense weapon capable of making grown men wail out in pain.
Keep the advantage and be prepared with one of these stun guns that will give you time and opportunity to get away to safety.

Some states have restrictions on Stun Devices. Check if your state has restrictions.

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