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Stun Batons

Security guards choose stun batons as a weapon of choice because of their extended reach. A simple touch of the stun baton for 3-5 seconds will disable the assailant. Our favorite is the 800,000 volt rechargeable stun baton. With the voltage charging even the sides of the baton, it can’t be grabbed from your hands by the attacker. This stun baton also comes with a holster so you can have your protection available in an instance. We now have a mini stun baton available for those who would prefer smaller more concealable protection. Don’t let the 10 1/2 inch size fool you. This baton has 4.5 million volts! The metal strips on the side of our 300,000 volt stun baton insure that the assailant will not be taking this away from you.

Some states have restrictions on Stun Devices. Check if your state has restrictions.

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