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Dummy Security Cameras

We call them dummy cameras only because they are fake, these look so real, only a dummy would ignore them.

Fool even the smartest criminal with these fake dummy cameras. One thing burglars are looking for when they are casing a place is cameras. When they see these dummy cameras they have no idea its a fake. So they search for a different location that doesn’t have surveillance.
A dummy camera is simply a real security camera that doesn’t have a camera inside. The trespasser, burglar, or criminal doesn’t know that it’s fake.

dummycamredYou can now deter robbery, theft, and vandalism with a dummy camera. You see them in stores all the time. It’s rare nowadays to not have any type of security camera system. Dummy cameras are non-functioning fake security cameras. You’d also be surprised at the number of dome cameras you see in popular stores that are not real.

But, they look just like real surveillance cameras. Stores do this to reduce cost but still make you believe you are still being watched. Quite effective.

Houses can also benefit from these fake surveillance cameras.

All of these fake surveillance cameras include a blinking red LED and operate on batteries. The dummy camera with housing and professional dummy camera also have a fake power cable which adds to the realism. These features make the dummy cameras almost exact replicas of the real cameras.
Dummy cameras are a low cost solution if you’re not able to spend the money on a real outdoor surveillance camera. Or a dummy camera can be a cheap way to add on to an existing surveillance system. Although dummy cameras won’t catch a criminal, studies have shown that just the presence of a security camera has prevented crimes like robbery, theft and vandalism.

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