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Spy Equipment

With our real high tech spy gear you will be conducting your own covert operations by blending in, which is the number one thing that all black ops require.

We have real spy gear that you can use for any covert or undercover operation. You can find the smallest spy camera designs here. The mini wireless camera can be placed pretty much anywhere with a very low profile. This one is also great as a bike or helmet cam.

Other Covert Spy Cameras include a functioning pen that records both audio and video. You can wear it in your pocket as a lot of people do, and it will secretly record whatever you’re facing.

Manufacturers are able to put a Micro Spy Camera in alot of different things. Since technology improves, things get smaller and cheaper. A regular civilian could never afford such products not so long ago and now it’s mainstream and affordable enough for anyone.

And we didn’t forget about phone recorders either. These have also become more versatile since there are so many things these can do besides just being able to record a conversation.

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