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2 oz Pepper Shot Pepper Spray Stream

Pepper Shot Pepper Spray Stream


Our 2 ounce Pepper Shot is perfect for home use or carrying on your belt with the leatherette holster with belt clip. 2 oz. stream has a range of 10-12 feet and 10-12 one second shots. The 4 oz. stream has a range of 15-18 feet and 21-22 one second shots.


Product Description

This 2 OZ size of Pepper Shot pepper spray is the right size for home or office. You can even carry this defense spray comfortably on your side with the leatherette holster/belt clip. This 2 OZ size pepper spray is also available in the stream or fogger pattern to provide flexibility for different areas.

Why Choose Pepper Shot Pepper Spray?

Pepper Shot brand pepper spray has been in the defense spray industry a long time. With a lot of research and experience creating personal defense sprays, the Pepper Shot brand is one of the top in the industry. These pepper spays that we offer have been certified by an independent laboratory to be in the top ten pepper spray brands for hotness.

The Pepper Shot Formula

Pepper Shot has an extremely effective formula which contains 10% OC (oleoresin capsicum). This 10% formula creates a rating of up to 2 million scoville heat units (SHU) and is made with a very fine grain pepper that makes this spray more effective over most other brands of defense spray.

How Defense Sprays Work

When used properly, pepper spray can be extremely effective in deterring or stopping an attack. The spray causes extreme pain (burning sensation) in the eyes and throat. Also, the pepper spray is an inflammatory agent which causes swelling of the capillaries of the eyes which will cause them to shut involuntarily. Breathing is reduced to life support breathing. These symptoms combined is what causes an attacker to halt what he is doing. These effects can last up to 45 minutes and leave no permanent damage to the attacker.

Pepper Shot Spray Features:

  • Locking Actuator: Prevents the pepper spray from being accidentally discharged.
  • Invisible Dye: The invisible dye is non-toxic and will aid police in suspect identification.
  • Spray Pattern: 2 oz. effective range of 10-12 feet with approximately 10-12 one second bursts. 4 oz. effective range of 15-18 feet and 21-22 one second shots.
  • Fogger Pattern: Effective range of 10-12 feet with approximately 8-10 one second shots.

Check if your state has pepper spray restrictions here: Shipping Restrictions

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2 OZ. Stream, 4 OZ. Stream


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