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Bear Pepper Spray - Animal Repellent

Bear Pepper Spray – Animal Repellent


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This bear pepper spray by Guard Alaska is EPA approved as an effective animal repellent and is the most potent formula of bear spray available. This pepper spray is proven to be effective with all species of bear. This formula is registered with the EPA because of its proven ability to repel bear. This is not the same formula as pepper spray to use on people.

How bear spray for hikers gets its EPA approval:

This bear spray for hikers by Guard Alaska has been registered to be effective by the EPA. In order for any bear sprays to be registered and approved by the EPA certain minimum and specific requirements must be met. First, not just any defense sprays can be certified as bear sprays. These pepper spraysMUST be EPA approved to even be labeled and sold as bear deterrents.  The EPA registration number is marked on the label of every can.

Since bear sprays must be EPA approved to be sold as such, this gives you the assurance that they have been proven to be effective against bears. Also, to be EPA registered, these sprays must be non-flammable, and environmentally friendly. It is not uncommon to stumble upon a bear or even have a bear walk upon you when you are hiking. Using a bear repellent is your best means of preventing an attack.

Have Your Bear Spray Ready In Case Of Bear Encounters

Anytime you are camping or hiking you should have your bear spray with you and ready. Always exercise extreme caution in a bear encounter! These situations can be critical even if the bear looks innocent; you never know when a mother may have her cubs nearby. If you are camping with others, we recommend having your bear spray left out so it is easily accessible to everyone in the camp.

If you are going to be hiking, carry your spray on your belt so it is easily ready should you need it. In some states, there are hunting laws that require you to carry a defensive spray in areas that are known to have bears such as national forests or state parks. You should have your pepper spray with you in any area that bears are prevalent.

Prevent a bear attack with this powerful bear pepper spray.

The first prevention of an attack is to ALWAYS have your bear pepper spray with you. There are a few other things you need to know to prevent a bear attack. If you should encounter a bear, try not to surprise the bear or make any sudden moves that could be mistaken for aggression toward the bear. The first thing you need to understand is you must persuade the bear not to pursue you by way of intimidation.

Slowly increase the distance by backing away while keeping your eye on the bear. Should the bear follow you change your direction. If the bear continues to follow you, you must STAND YOURGROUND if you are in a group, you should all stand close together (make yourself big). Try yelling, clapping, shouting, anything that will make noise can scare a bear off.

When should you use your bear defense spray?

If you are unable to persuade the bear to leave you alone and the bear continues to approach you or attack, you must then use your bear defense spray. This will convince the bear to leave you alone. Do not use your pepper spray when you just stumble upon one. That could anger the bear or peak his interest when he would otherwise have just run off. Only use your spray against a bear that is approaching, or attacking.

This Guard Alaska Bear Spray Was Tested Extensively In The Wilds Of Alaska For 6 Years And Features:

  • The Guard Alaska Bear Spray has an effective range of 15-20 feet for added distance.
  • 9 OZ Canister with an expanding cloud delivery system creating a wide area of protection.
  • The dimensions of this can are 8 4/3” x 2” for easy carry and associability.

This proven formula is registered by the EPA and is one of the most powerful bear defense sprays available against all species of bear.

Don’t forget to add bear pepper spray to your packing list!


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