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Mace® Canine Repellent

Dog Pepper Spray – Canine Repellent


EPA approved Mace® Muzzle provides safe, effective and humane protection against canine attack. Ideal protection for walkers, joggers, cyclists or delivery people.

Product Description

This EPA approved dog repellent by Muzzle is an effective pepper spray for canine control. Anyone who walks, jogs, or participates in outdoor activities can benefit from this canine repellent. When it comes to an aggressive dog, you won’t be able to outrun it, but you can prevent an attack by using this pepper spray. The dogs nose is sensitive so even just a little of this spray will have him retreating and thinking twice about bothering you in the future as well.

Why this Mace brand Muzzle Canine Repellent is effective.

This pepper spray is manufactured by the most recognized brand of defense sprays, Mace. These canine repellents act as a strong deterrent to any canine considering an aggressive act. When sprayed, the dog will start to rub his face in the grass while you are able to move along to safety. Dog pepper spray forces a dog to retreat.

This dog spray formula comes in a convenient size to carry with you whenever you are going to be out in the neighborhood walking or jogging. Take your canine pepper spray with you anywhere you could be faced with an aggressive dog.

Muzzle canine spray by Mace is a proven formula.

This Mace Muzzle spray for canines has been proven as an effective repellent specifically designed for aggressive dogs. This spray will instantly stop a dog in his tracks! The dog will also remember the experience and will have no part in future aggression toward you.

Pepper Spray for Dogs Features:

  • Proven formula of OC pepper sprays designed specifically to be effective for aggressive canines.
  • Flip top safety cap to prevent accidental discharge.
  • Contains 10 one second bursts.


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