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Door Knob Alarm - Sleep Walker Alarm

Door Knob Alarm – Sleep Walker Alarm


2n1 DoorHandle Display works with the AL-2 and the HP-98DG

Product Description

This dual purpose door knob alarm serves as a door security alarm and a personal alarm but that’s not all! This can also serve as a sleep walker alarm too. The alarm hangs on any metal door knob acting as a 120dB burglar alarm that will alert you instantly if an intruder touches the knob.

This Door Security Alarm Sounds When an Intruder Touches the Door Knob

The door knob alarm is a great door security device because it senses when an intruder touches the doorknob. This alarm doesn’t wait until the door is open before it sounds. This alerts you and scares off the intruder before the door is even open.

The Door Knob Alarm Can Also Be Used As a Personal Alarm

The door knob alarm works great as a personal alarm also. This alarm is small enough to carry with you, and when the attached metal chain is pulled will sound the ear piercing siren that will deter an attack.

Carry the 2 in 1 door knob alarm in your hand, pocket, or purse with the metal chain wrapped around your wrist. If the purse is snatched or you are attacked the chain will be pulled from the alarm which will activate the siren. This draws attention to your emergency and will intimidate the attacker.

The super loud ear piercing alarm continues to sound until the metal chain is inserted back into the alarm.

This Alarm Can Also Function As A Sleepwalker Alarm:

This alarm will wake a sleepwalker up as soon as they touch the door knob. Even before they leave the room, this 120 decibel sleepwalker alarm will sound. Hang the alarm on the door and if the sleep walker grabs the door knob, the alarm will sound. The unique design of the door knob alarm allows it to sound when vibration occurs on the door knob (like grabbing the knob to open the door).

“Sleepwalking (also called somnambulism or noctambulism ) is aparasomnia or a sleep disorder where the sleepwalker engages in activities that are normally associated with wakefulness while he or she is asleep or in a sleep-like state.”

Sleep Walking Alarms are recommended by doctors for patients who sleepwalk. This alarm is designed to wake up a sleepwalker before they leave their room, but also to alert a caregiver or parent if an episode should occur. This alarm can give a parent a peace of mind if you have a child who suffers from sleepwalking.

Hanging Door Knob Alarm Features:

  • Door Knob Alarm: Works on any metal door knob.
  • Installs and Arms in Seconds: No wiring needed.
  • 120dB Siren: This alarm emits a high pitched ear-piercing siren that scares off an intruder.
  • Instant Alarm Activation: Sounds as soon as the intruder touches the door knob.
  • Unique: Can be used as a Sleep Walker Alarm


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