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Infrared Motion Sensor - Motion Detection Alarm

Infrared Motion Sensor – Motion Detection Alarm


The Mini Alert Alarm uses passive infrared technology to protect a room from intruders.

Product Description

This mini motion detection alarm will alert you to an intrusion with its unique passive infrared motion sensor technology. This alarm creates an infrared triangle that is an invisible barrier against intrusion and is impossible to penetrate without activating the 80dB alarm!

Effective Area Protection with the Infrared Motion Detector Alarm

Anytime someone enters the protected infrared zone, the infrared beam is broken which activates the super loud alarm on the motion detector alarm. Nobody will be entering the protected area without you knowing. This motion detection alarm also announces visitors with a friendly door chime when in the chime mode. Now you will know when a visitor shows up at your door.

The area of protection that the Motion Detector Alarm protects is 80 degrees of horizontal protection out to 24 feet and 20 degrees of vertical protection. It’s like having an invisible spotlight that shines on an intruder when they enter the room. They cannot avoid the infrared detection zone.

Infrared Motion Detection Alarm Details:

  • Infrared motion sensor creates an invisible protected zone.
  • 30 second delay after arming allows you to leave the area before the alarm is activated.
  • Alarm or Chime mode
  • Effective range of PIR (passive infrared) motion sensor is 8 meters (about 24 feet) which will detect any human movement within that detected zone and sound the alarm automatically.
  • The 20 degree vertical coverage allows for positioning to exclude pets from tripping the alarm.
  • When alarm is activated the siren will sound for 60 seconds before shutting off and resetting itself automatically.
  • In chime mode a visitor will be greeted with a pleasant “ding dong” melody upon approaching the detected zone.
  • Use at home or the office to alert you anytime someone breaks in to your protected zone.

Infrared Sensor Alarm Installation:

  1. Install 3 “AA” batteries:  LED indicator on infrared sensor alarm lights up when batteries will need to be replaced.
  2. Wall Mountable: Mount provided wall bracket with included hardware in the desired location.
  3. Adjust the mini alarm to the desired angle and tighten with provided bracket screw.

The infrared alarm is a great tool for protecting your home against intruders and can also alert you to visitors in a protected area.

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