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Mace Bear Spray

Mace Bear Spray

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Vacations can be the most exciting experiences whens seeing new things and places, but when your vacation includes outdoor camping or hiking, you need to have Mace Bear Spray with you.

There are even several areas in the country that bears can be a menace to vacationers and residents. These areas have common bear sightings, and are therefore a great place to carry your mace spray.

While bear sightings are common, bear attack on the other hand are quite rare. They do still happen, in fact four or five people are attacked every year. There are hundreds of thousands of bears, so while this statistical number is low, it doesn’t provide comfort if you are the one that stumbles upon an angry bear.

Preventing A Bear Attack

Several methods exist about how to prevent a bear attack when confronted in the wild, but our method is proven and includes the use of Mace bear spray. You will hear thoughts, that even playing dead in front of a bear can prevent an attack, this is outdated advice and we do not recommend this unless you are faced with this as a last resort.

Mace bear Spray can save your life.

Our experts say that if you should happen upon a bear, you should do the following: (have your mace bear spray ready)

Avoid sudden or quick movements, slowly back away from the bear while keeping a close eye on the bear. Knowing what the bear is doing and seeing their movements will help you determine the further actions to take. While you are backing away also be preparing to use your bear repellent.

While continuing to create distance between yourself and the bear, you will need to determine if the bear is going to follow you. If the bear follows, change your direction and if he continues to follow you will need to STAND YOUR GROUND if the bear runs toward you. You are going to need to persuade the bear to leave you alone, by intimidation.

If you are in a group of people, stay together, making yourself big can help intimidate the bear, also make noise by clapping, yelling, shouting, anything you can do to make noise will usually scare off a bear.

After all of the above methods, if the bear still approaches you or runs toward you, you will need to then blast the bear with the pepper spray. Use the pepper spray only when directly approached by the bear, this is the proven effective method for preventing an attack.

If you use the bear spray right when you stumble upon a bear, you run the risk of missing, or even provoking the bear that might have otherwise just ran off. Use the spray only when you are sure the bear is going to approach or attack you.

Why pepper spray is the best defense against a bear attack.

In almost all cases, experts agree that the best defense against a bear attack or encounter is pepper spray. A bears nose is extremely sensitive; much more sensitive than the human nose. Coupled with a bears eyesight, which is poor the spray is overwhelmingly devastating to the bear when inhaled. This causes a bear to take off running. While this Mace bear spray is powerful, it is still EPA approved, and this special formula causes no harm to the bear. This spray just creates the ability to escape to safety.

As with any plan for safety, preparation is the first line of defense. Always have your Mace bear spray with you and available for immediate deployment. Especially if you are in an area like a national forest or park that is a common bear area.

Mace Bear Pepper Spray Features:

  • 260 gram unit, with special cone pattern of Mace pepper spray to cover a wide area for bear protection.
  • Effective up to 30 feet for added safe distance between you and the bear.

Remember to pack your Mace Bear Spray in your backpack.

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    Commercial brands use Oleum Capsicum an exractt from red hot peppers, not the black pepper we have in the kitchen.For a simple, but effective eye irritant, without the danger of extensive, permanent tissue damage, get some Real Lemon juice exractt put it in a small squeeze bottle.I guarantee satisfactory results.

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