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Motion Detector Alarm - Infrared Home Protection

Motion Detector Alarm – Infrared Home Protection


The Motion Alert Alarm passive infrared system detects motion in any selected area. It mounts easily (vertically or horizontally) near any entry area and is battery operated, eliminating any need for wiring.

Product Description

The Motion Detector Alarm is always protecting your home with infrared motion detection. If an intruder steps into the monitored area the 105dB alarm will sound, alerting anyone nearby to the emergency and also scaring off the intruder.

This Intruder Alarm has a Built-in Memory

When you enter the disarm code on this intruder alarm, it alerts you if the alarm was tripped since the last time it was armed. If you have ever come home and just had an uneasy feeling that someone had been in there even though nothing was disturbed, or maybe things seem out of place. Maybe you’re a woman living alone and the landlord seems a little too friendly, or your ex might think he is welcome to come in when you are not home. Perhaps your neighbor does not seem to be the most trustworthy person and you realize this only after giving him a spare key to the house to hold on to.

Are these people coming in to your home while you are away? Would they ever try to break in during the night? All of these scenarios are scary and can cause you to lose sleep if nothing else. Nobody should have to feel this way in their home. Everyone is entitled to privacy when in their home. Never should someone be worried that someone could harm them in their home, especially someone you know.

Get your peace of mind back and your home security with this Motion Detector Security Alarm.

The Motion Detector Security Alarm affords you peace of mind in any of the above scenarios. With this security alarm system you put the power back in your hands. You won’t have to live in fear. The Motion Alarm sets off an ear piercing high pitched siren the instant that someone enters a protected area. The motion detection alarm will not only wake you up to give you notice, but it will deter the intruder from going any further because they will assume that it is a monitored alarm and that the authorities are on their way.

If someone is entering your home while you are gone, the alarm will let you know. The built-in LED light flashes 3 times to indicate a compromise of the monitored area since the last system arming. This way you are more aware and you have the opportunity to thoroughly check the house.

A Wireless Home Alarm Puts You In Control

Now you can have control of your home security and your peace of mind with this wireless home alarm. Easy to install yourself no need for expensive professionals to install. Since there is no alarm company to monitor your alarm you will not incur expensive monthly monitoring fees either. This is a simple non-expensive solution to home and self-protection. Now you will not need to worry about whether someone has entered your dwelling while you were away, you will know! No more nighttime worrying about being woke up to an intruder in your bedroom.

The unique PIR (passive infrared) system will monitor any area you select. The sensitive motion detector built-in to the system monitors the protected area and will respond to any entry of that area with a loud 105dB alarm. If you choose the chime mode, you will hear a friendly “ding” when motion is detected in that area. This makes the Motion Detector Alarm a great tool for a small business or store to alert you of customer entry as well as home or property protection when in alarm mode.

Motion Detector Alarm Details:

  • Motion sensor detects any motion in the protected area and activates alarm or chime.
  • Programmable security code and entry delay timing for easy arming and disarming of the system.
  • Built-in high output 105db alarm will deter any intruder from further entry.
  • Panic Button triggers alarm immediately.
  • Program and low battery indicator.
  • Verification tone for key pad and arm/disarm.
  • Effective range of operation is 110 degree out to 40 feet.
  • Intrusion Alarm Memory will alert you to the alarm being tripped since you last armed it.

There is a 60 second delay after arming for sensor warm up and exit delay. When activated, the alarm cycles twice with 30 or 60 second rest in between. The duration of the alarm can be programmed for 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or 90 seconds. You can also program a re-entry delay so it will not go off when you come home. You’ll have time to disarm it.


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