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Pepper Shot Tri Pack

Multi-Pack Pepper Spray – Home, Auto, Personal Protection


You get Total Pepper Protection with this handy collection of 3 pepper sprays at one low price.

Product Description

Now you can have a pepper spray for each location, home, auto, and to carry on you for personal protection. These multi-pack pepper sprays include three of our most popular size canisters. We have been suggesting having a pepper spray with you at all times, and this pack is designed for that.

Pepper Shot Pepper Spray

A leader in the pepper spray industry, Pepper Shot has designed these sprays for different areas to have access to your defense spray at all times. This is the 2 million scoville heat unit sprays that you have come to trust, formulated with a very fine grain pepper that is more effective than a lot of the coarser grain pepper sprays.

These pepper sprays designed by Pepper Shot are also among the hottest pepper sprays with independent laboratory results to back those ratings up. See the laboratory results here: Verification of the hottest pepper sprays.

Pepper Shot Pepper Spray Key Ingredients:

  • 10% OC (oleoresin capsicum): This is the active ingredient derived from peppers that causes the intense burning sensation in the eyes and throat. This 2 million SHU spray causes coughing, choking, profuse tearing, and labored breathing. This is potent enough to bring any size attacker to their knees.
  • UV dye: This invisible dye marks the assailant for later identification by the police.

Pepper Shot Multi Pack Pepper Spray Includes:

  • 2 ounce pepper spray with wall mounts. This is for the home. It is recommended to mount your pepper spray near a door for emergency use.
  • ½ ounce pepper spray with visor clip for mounting in your car.
  • ½ ounce pepper spray with keychain for personal use. Carry this with you at all times for personal protection.

All of these Pepper Shot models have safety locking actuators to prevent accidental discharge and to aid with orienting the pepper spray.

This is our best value pepper sprays by Pepper Shot.


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