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Pen Knife – Less Common Self Defense Weapon


They look like an ordinary pen, but feature a 2.13 inch blade that is revealed by pulling the pen apart. Comes in Black, Silver, and Gold.

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This knife disguised as a normal pen is a less common self defense weapon that employs the element of surprise as an added advantage to your protection. This pen works as any regular pen, yet it conceals a small and very sharp blade for self defense.

Uses of the Pen Knife include:

Other than self defense, this pen is also a great writing instrument and can be used as a sharp knife for opening letters, cutting boxes, or cutting small lines. The best feature of this pen is that you can use it right in front of people without exposing its secret!

This is a lightweight pen that will not get in the way and is small enough to take with you anywhere. This allows you to have a secret self defense weapon with you at all times.

This nifty little hidden knife is easy to use.

This hidden pen knife is simple to operate either as a pen or a knife. To reveal the knife just pull off the top. When using as a pen you simply pull apart the two ends and use as any normal writing instrument. This is constructed of a sturdy design that prevents the penknife from being easily broken.

What is a Pen Knife?

These pen knives could actually save your life. They appear to anyone else as an ordinary pen, but they feature a built-in 2.13” blade that is revealed by pulling the pen apart. These knives are concealed in a way that you can carry them with you anywhere; places that you may not be able to carry a more common weapon. No one will be aware that the expensive looking pen you have in your shirt pocket is actually a knife that can rapidly be unsheathed for self defense. These pens come in Black, Silver, or Gold.

Carry one in your pocket, and one in your organizer and always Be Prepared!

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Black, Silver, Gold


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