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Personal Travel Alarm - Travel Security

Personal Travel Alarm – Travel Security

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The MINI TRAVEL ALARM with PIR SENSOR is an effective low cost motion alarm that can be used to effectively to deter an assailant. It can be activated by just pulling the alarm cord located at the top of the unit or can detect motion up to 9 feet away.

Product Description

This is our favorite personal alarm simply because it does it all. Pulling on the alarm cord causes the unit to activate an intimidating ear piercing alarm to alert anyone nearby of your emergency situation. The unique ability this alarm has also is the travel alarm function which includes a motion sensor that can protect an entire area such as a hotel room or RV, making this a true travel security device.

This travel alarm emits a loud 100dB ear piercing sound that will have any impending criminal run the opposite direction.

This Built-In Motion Sensor Travel Alarm Features Unique Technology

The mini alarm serves great as a travel security device with the built-in PIR (passive infrared sensor). This detects motion and triggers the alarm when any motion is detected in its detection area. The motion detection area covers  30° horizontal at a distance of 10 feet.

This is a great early warning device to have in a hotel room. Pointed at the door, the integrated sensor will detect movement if someone attempts to enter which will trigger the alarm. This alerts you and your neighbors while scaring off the potential intruder.

This is one of the smallest motion detectors on the market that are available to the public.

How to Operate the Travel Alarm:

To expose the infrared sensor and the power switch simply slide the top cover down. Place the mini travel alarm on a flat surface of the area you want to monitor for movement. Once the switch is in the auto position the motion sensor will start detecting motion in 60 seconds. If the PIR sensor detects movement the alarm will activate for 15 seconds, then automatically re-arm itself.

How to Use Device as a Personal Alarm:

This compact alarm is easily carried with you in an unfamiliar area when traveling. The built-in LED flashlight helps to light the door knob and keyhole at night. If you should need to call for help simply pull the cord located at the top of the alarm and the loud signal will alert those nearby of your emergency.

Activate the super bright LED flashlight by pressing the control switch to on.

Requires AG13 batteries (included).

Due To The State-Of-The-Art Technology This The Travel Guard Personal Alarm Has A Few Safety Instructions:

  • Do not expose the Travel Guard Personal Alarm to extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, intense vibration, humidity, heavy mechanical stress or sudden impact.
  • After rapid changes in temperature, the alarm requires approximately 15 minutes to adjust to the surrounding temperature before it functions properly.
  • The Travel Guard alarm produces a 100 dB alert when triggered. Thus, never place the mini travel alarm in direct proximity to your ears.
  • Be sure the Travel Guard is placed on a vibration-free, dry flat surface during operation to avoid false alarms.

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