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Pet Safety Light


Pet Blinkies are water resistant and visible up to 1/2 mile away. Available in 3 blinking, vibrant colors; Blue/White, Pink/Jade, Red/White/Blue.

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How safe is your pet’s world? These pet safety lights were designed to make your pet’s world just a little safer. These safety lights are designed for any pet and let an owner easily locate their pet at night.

Show your pet how much you love them with a Pet Blinkie. The Pet Blinkie is a multi-color, vibrant, light that attaches easily to your pets collar, leash, or harness. The Pet Blinkie is waterproof and has a visibility of up to ½ mile. These safety lights are available in 3 colors: red white & blue, blue & white, and pink & jade. All are vibrant and they blink for high visibility.

Why are Pet Blinkies a popular item?

Find your pet at nighttime with a Pet Blinkie. Even in daytime you can see your pet easier with the Pet Blinkie. These pet safety lights are easy to attach to the pet and are so small and lightweight that the pet will not even notice. With a Pet Blinkie you can easily and safely take a walk in those times that would make it harder for your pet to be seen.

Attach the cat or dog LED light right to the collar!

These LED pet safety lights are perfect for your dog or cat. If your dog likes to wander off, you will now be able to see exactly where he or she is at. Your pet will be much safer at night with the safety lights clear visibility which keeps drivers aware of your pet’s presence. The multi-colored lights, and bright blinking will let a driver see your pet from a ½ mile away. When you don’t need the light, you can turn it off or remove it from the collar. If you did leave the blinking light on it would last for about 3 days on one set of batteries.

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Blue/White, Red/White/Blue, Pink/Jade


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