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Pool Alarm - Pool Protector

Pool Alarm – Pool Protector


Safe Family Life Pool Alarm System

Product Description

Protect your children or unwanted swimmers with this pool alarm. The pool alarm once installed will alarm you anytime someone enters the pool either by falling or on purpose. This electronic pool alarm monitor is equipped with a pool side sensor and mounts on the patio or pool deck.

How The Pool Protector Alarm Operates:

Once mounted to the patio, the pool alarm pool protector will alert you via the wireless receiver you have located inside your home. The pool alarm sensor is activated with the press of a button on the remote receiver and cannot be deactivated from the alarm. There is a sleep mode on the pool alarm that can be used during normal swimming and the alarm automatically rearms itself when movement is no longer detected in the pool. If unwanted visitors try to swim the alarm will sound unless you have instructed them how to put the alarm into sleep mode.

The pool alarm can also alert you if a pet or animal falls into the pool. This alarm provides an excellent addition to your pool security measures.  This pool protector should not be used to replace gates, lifeguards, or other pool safety measures, but should be used as an addition to increase the safety. If someone attempts to remove or tamper with the alarm it will sound.

Pool Alarm Installation:

Installation of the pool alarm takes minutes and operation is easy. Attach the sensor unit to the patio or pool deck (see picture). Easily mount the remote receiver inside the home, then press the button to activate the pool alarm.

Two 9-volt batteries (not included) operate the pool protector pool alarm. The remote receiver includes the 12 volt power supply needed for operation. The remote receiver has a 200 foot range of operation from the sensor. When battery is low a beep will sound on the pool sensor unit and the receiver unit both has the built-in low battery indicator.

How Pool Alarms Keep Your Pool Safe is a powerful story written by someone who purchased a pool alarm.

IMPORTANT: The Pool Protector Pool Alarm is not designed to be used as a life saving device. Do not use the device to replace any other pool safety considerations such as adult supervision, lifeguards, fences or gates, pool covers, locks, etc. Also, be aware that gradual entry into the pool may not be detected.


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