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TeleSpy - Motion Sensor Phone / Autodialer

TeleSpy – Motion Sensor Phone / Autodialer


The Telespy Motion Intruder Alarm is a clever and reliable combination of a telephone, a motion sensor, and a microphone.

Product Description

The TeleSpy motion sensor phone is an intrusion notification system complete with an auto dialer that is cleverly disguised as a telephone.

This auto dialer motion sensor alarm functions as a normal telephone, and has the added function of a monitoring system. With the built-in microphone you can actually listen in to what’s going on at home, from the office or anywhere else.

Here’s how the Telespy Motion Sensor Phone Works:

Simply program a phone number into the Telespy that you would like called if the motion sensor detects movement in the protected area. When the motion sensor is switched on, it begins to monitor the protected area, and if motion is detected will automatically dial that programmed number. Upon answering the phone, you will be able to listen in to the monitored area via the amplified microphone that is built in to the unit. You will be able to listen to the area for up to 30 seconds to determine if the police need to be notified. Upon hang up or after 30 seconds of listening in, the motion sensor phone will rearm itself.

This unique phone allows you to make a decision from a safe location to alert the police or not. The Telespy will rearm itself after a 30 second listening in period to detect any future motion. The Telespy alarm needs no installation, is completely portable, and operates on any phone line. User friendly, cost effective, and no false alarms.


Motion Sensor Phone Technology

Telespy Motion Sensor Phone:

Designed as a “slimline” telephone that is found in millions of homes, this phone operates as any normal phone and a user will not notice the difference. The Telespy plugs into any standard telephone jack.

The motion sensor phone contains patent-pending circuitry inside the unit, while leaving the look of the slimline phone virtually the same. The high tech. circuitry does require an AC power adapter to be plugged into any standard 110V outlet and is included. Without this AC adapter the circuitry would be useless and therefore only normal telephone operations would work. Due to the slimline phone appearance this motion detection system is obtrusive and more effective.  There are no adverse effects when plugging the Telespy into an existing phone line it is the same as adding any other ordinary phone.

The Motion Sensor:

The Telespy also employs a unique passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor technology that detects minute changes in the heat signature of the room caused by motion of an occupant. When the passive infrared sensor detects this motion it will activate the autodialer feature. The range of this detection area is in excess of 30 feet with a width of about 20 feet at the greatest distance. This creates a 45 degree angle wedge from the sensor.

Built-In Amplified Microphone:

Also hidden in the Telespy unit is an amplified condenser microphone. This built-in amplified microphone is placed strategically for maximum efficiency. The amplification feature of this microphone insures you that the softest of sounds will be heard. This microphone provides you with a high quality listening experience.


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