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Wireless Home Security System - Complete Security

Wireless Home Security System – Complete Security


The HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security System is an affordable solution to your home or office security needs.

Product Description

You won’t find a more affordable wireless home security system with all of the features that this complete system offers.  The features offered in this security system incorporates all of the requests that our customers have asked for.

The Wireless Security System is an innovative way to protect your family and your home as an inexpensive solution.

Here is one employee’s true story about her home being burglarized and how installing a home security system has given her peace of mind. Read: Why Install a Home Security System?

This Wireless Home Security System Is Impressive

You will be impressed with the high end features of this Wireless Home Security System. This system requires no wires of any kind and can be installed easily in minutes by any homeowner. This system is specifically designed to offer the features of a high end security system, without the need to hire a professional for installation.

High End Features of the Complete Security System Without The High Prices

Not only is this security system designed with the homeowner in mind, but the features are what you would expect from a professional home security system that would not only cost thousands of dollars, but also come with a hefty monthly service charge for monitoring.

Our security system is still a complete package that includes all of those features, but without the high priced professional installation and the monthly monitoring bills. So, let’s get to what features these are.

The main or base unit plugs into the wall and is the brain of the operations. This base unit has a built-in auto dialer that when triggered, will begin to call a programmed list of phone numbers. These phone numbers are programmed by you. This is what allows for the monitoring of your system remotely without the monthly fees associated with the higher priced alarm systems.

How the auto dialer works:

When one of the sensors (monitoring different areas of the home) are triggered the alarm sounds at the base unit, at the same time the auto dialer begins to dial the programed phone numbers beginning with the first number on the list. If the line is picked up the autodialer will use an automated message to alert the caller of the alarm, and will give the option to listen in on the area that has been compromised. At this time the caller has the ability to listen, and even communicate to the area via the base unit. If the caller chooses to or the line is not picked up the auto dialer will continue to the next number on the phone list. This repeats until all of the numbers are exhausted, or if any of the lines that answer choose to reset the alarm. That’s right the alarm can even be reset remotely from the phone.

This alarm system is also upgradeable to include every area and room of your house. This system can monitor all doors, windows, and entry ways. You can even monitor your driveway and be alerted the instance that someone pulls in.

Please see details of each component to the Wireless Alarm System for complete details and functions of those components.

The Wireless Alarm System Comes As A Complete Package And Includes:

  • The base unit – With built-in auto dialer you will have remote monitoring with no monthly fees.
  • Door/Window Sensor– This wireless sensor will trigger the base unit when a door or window is compromised. This has a range of 250 feet.
  • Motion Detector: The included motion detector has a detecting range of up to 8 yards or 24 feet and includes a remote control for easy arming and disarming of the unit during entry and exit of the home.

To protect all area of the home simply add any of the additional components that we offer to expand your security alarm system to secure all areas at a fraction of the cost of systems that offer the same.

How The Wireless Security System Protects Your Home:

Your home is protected by the security system as soon as you arm the system. Once the alarm is set if a window or entry way is broken or compromised in any way the alarm will sound and begin to dial the numbers on your list (up to 5). If the motion detector senses any motion it will also sound the alarm and trigger the auto dialer. The only requirement for this system to operate as an auto dialer is a land line with “touch tone” dialing. Now you can go on that vacation without the need to worry about your homes security. This home system will keep you safe with its safety features.

Planning on relocating? No problem, this wireless system can easily be uninstalled and taken with you to your new residence. This truly saves you money and keeps your home safe.

Don’t pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for other security systems that offer the same features, save time and money with our no hassle wireless home security system.

Complete Wireless Alarm System Specifications:

The base unit dials the first telephone number of your programmed list.

System Includes: Main Control Unit • program up to 5 emergency telephone numbers to call when the alarm is triggered • compatible with up to 14 additional wireless accessories for expansion • 105 dB alarm • AC adapter included Wireless Door/Window Sensor with Alarm • activates alarm when triggered by the door or window opening • wireless transmission up to 300 feet • 9 volt battery operation (included) Wireless Motion Detector Sensor • detection range up to 8 yards • detection angle up to 110 degrees • wireless RF transmission up to 300 feet • 9 volt battery operation (included) Remote Control • arm/disarm system easily • panic button feature • Instruction manual – ITEM CODE: HA-SYSTEM


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