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The ACT Fighting System And What Tactics You Will Learn

Shannon Stallard ACT

Very few civilians are aware of the secrets that Shannon has agreed to share with us in these videos. I assure you this is insider information based on my reputation among U.S. Special Forces “insiders”.

How can you be sure these techniques will work for you?

The answer is simple; the techniques taught in these videos are used by Special Operation (Spec Op) soldiers every day to save their lives in the “hot-combat” zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. This means they are effective and they will work for you just as well.

The creation of the Advanced Combat Techniques (ACT) series

How the Advanced Combat Techniques video series came about: Shannon Stallard is a “small guy” about 5’9” and 180 pounds. He has no problem being labeled the biology “lab geek”. As a matter of fact, his fascination with how the human body and brain functions landed him a position with his biology professor as a member of the staff.

What was most astonishing to Shannon’s fellow biology geeks and a shocker to the martial-arts world; was how he combined his vast knowledge of biology (the human brain functions under stress) with his stunning martial arts accomplishments.

This Created One Of The Most Effective New Natural Fighting Systems Ever!

The ACT program excels as a fighting system because it was developed to specifically address the “dirty little secret” that Shannon observed in nearly ALL martial arts. This secret is that martial arts techniques are simply way too complex and just cannot hold up under the stresses of “real world” fighting.

The key problem he calls “brain freeze”

No “brain freeze” is not a slurpy headache, this brain freeze means that when under the pressure and stress of a sudden attack the brain is instantly overcome with shock, fear, and adrenaline. This happens regardless of the color “belts” you have earned, how many pine boards you can break in half, or even the number of flying sidekicks you can land perfectly. Your brains natural reaction in under these stressful conditions is “brain freeze” and your techniques tend to fly out the window and you are now suddenly finding yourself at the mercy of your attacker. This is biology 101!

Through brutal combat experience, the U.S. Special Forces know this, and have trained for it, and now it’s available for you to learn.

Only in Hollywood

Without the principals you will find in the ACT (Advanced Combat Techniques) fighting system; you are a sitting duck to street thugs that are looking to get easy money, your car, your wife, or whatever they want even if you have multiple “black belts”. These thugs are just not going to give you time to clear your head, think about your stance, and then abide by your set “fighting rules”. That only happens in Hollywood!

Don’t take that wrong, Shannon will be the first person to tell you, let those punks have your wallet, your keys, heck even open the car door for them. These things are replaceable. His goal in teaching you the secrets of becoming a feared and dangerous fighter is not for you to hang onto your wallet.

However, when it comes to friends and loved ones, well that is EXACTLY what the goal is. Believe me, if you freeze up like a deer caught in the headlights at that most critical moment; the moment when your family and friends are depending upon you the most, all is lost my friend. Your life will never be the same.

That is why it is important for you to check out this ACT system now…

There are simple methods and techniques at the core foundation of the ACT system: These involve forcing or “tricking” one of the brain lobes (called the amygdale) into not paralyzing you with fear while at the same time initiating another part of your brain (the periaqueductal gray) to take action. Do not be worried, you will not need to memorize these biological terms. In this video series Shannon will clearly and precisely explain and demonstrate –step by step- how these techniques work. These cutting-edge concepts and techniques are fascinating to watch and simple to learn.

Here is just a small idea of what you will discover in Shannon’s ACT video series:

  • A secret “visualization” trick that will force your brain to switch from the victim to the predator mode. This simple trick will instantly turn the tables on ANY attacker and will put YOU in command.
  • How to trigger your brain to respond with decisive action; not shock just by speaking certain “action” words out loud. Shannon will share with you the best key words to use to completely eliminate “brain-freeze”. Sounds weird, but I assure you the results are nothing short of astonishing.
  • You will avoid one of the biggest mistakes that even the most experienced fighters make by learning and using an easy “Internal Strike Count” that focuses your mind like a laser beam.
  • You will be able to instantly recall all of these simple fight tricks under ANY condition by embedding them deep into the “gross motor” parts of your brain using a simple under fire drill that Shannon teaches.
  • You will learn why it is critical to use the “10-second rule” in all confrontations; regardless of how innocent someone first appears.
  • You will learn a method that will easily hardwire a devastating counterattack on your opponent that will shock them with how ready you are. You will not be taken by a surprise attack again!
  • How to breakdown the levels of violence step by step that will allow you absolute control under each level. Your attacker will have no idea what hit him!

There’s more…

The “gross motor” responses that Shannon has developed are based upon natural reflexes that your body already uses under stress. He has developed a super simple system that works with these brain functions to be automatic responses to an attack.

These tactics are unlike any other martial “arts” training because they strip away the fancy nonsense and get right down to what matters; ending the fight in seconds.

Other secrets that are shared in this video series:

  • A simple twist on your own primitive reflexes against a sucker punch that will instantly protect you. This is a “flinch driven” tactic that really works and you won’t forget!
  • Even “little guys” will deliver devastating knock-out blows by using this simple push pull action that will effectively DOUBLE your striking power.
  • By using a “ballistic disengagement” that is taught you will not only buy extra time, but the added distance that you will create allows you to deal with multiple attackers or plan an escape route.
  • You will be untouchable and ready for a counter attack by using these astonishingly effective “defensive blocks” designed for the most common strikes that you will encounter.
  • Shannon teaches many defensive rules against punches like the “haymaker” and 99% of all the other strikes as well. Did you know that the stupidest thing you can do is to turn or back away from a “haymaker” punch? Learn why!
  • You will learn secrets of how to strike from attached and unattached positions using devastating straight-line palm strikes, elbows, knees, and foot stomps. One, two, three, fights over, and you are the one that is walking away!
  • You will learn how to add massive raw power to your “circular” strikes that will have your attacker swearing you hit him with a baseball bat, when he wakes up!
  • There is a very simple way to dominate and control your opponent in a painful “human vice” using your elbows and very little pressure in a head-clinch. This is impossible to break away from and you will learn that in this video series.
  • Guarantee you are ready for action when threatened by using an innocent-looking “conversational-stance”. This guy will have no idea how much danger he is in!
  • It will be impossible for anyone, regardless of their size to hang on to you once you learn the numerous and ingenious “quick releases and escapes” that this video teaches.

Yes, there’s more… A Lot more

Techniques like the “can opener” move that takes advantage of an attackers weak link by simply employing a rotating strike that instantly releases you from his choke, palm strikes and “finger releases” that are brutal and deliver blinding pain instantly, devastatingly brutal pre-emptive strikes and more.

In this video series Shannon is handing you the opportunity to have self-respect, confidence, and security. This is why Preferred Defense believes in his fighting system!

If you have dreamed of having the skills and knowledge to walk with the confidence of a tiger having the ability to “take care of business” if need be then this fighting system video is for you.

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