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This is a guideline only for the laws and restrictions concerning Stun Guns and Air Taser products.

Can I take my TASER or stun gun device on an airplane?

No. According to the 2012 IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations for commercial airplanes TASER conducted electrical weapons, battery packs, and cartridges ARE NOT ALLOWED on your person, in your carry-on baggage, or even in your checked baggage aboard commercial aircraft. These laws are similar for stun guns or any other stun device.

Is it legal to carry TASERs and stun guns?

Tasers and stun guns have have the same laws in most states. It is legal in the United States except in Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and the District of Columbia. Additional cities, counties, and countries might have other restrictions on the use or possession of the C2 CEW so check all […]

Are stun guns legal?

PLEASE NOTE WE CAN NOT SELL OR SHIP TO THE  FOLLOWING AREAS>>> Possession & Sale of stun guns are prohibited in Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia. See complete details below… PENAL CODES AFFECTING AIR TASER, STUN GUNS & STUN BATONS. STATE RESTRICTIONS: CONNECTICUT: Legal with […]