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Here are some answers to your questions about the Telespy Motion Sensor Phone

The TeleSpy Motion Sensor Phone looks and functions like a regular “slimline” telephone. When the unit is armed the autodialer feature will call you and allow you to listen in to the monitored area to decide if it is friend or foe.

What about my pets?

Pets and motion sensors can live together. If you use the motion sensor with the pet in close proximity it probably will set off the sensor. Use the test light on TeleSpy to discover for yourself the sensitivity of your pet(s), then devise a strategy which allows the TeleSpy™ to function without pet interference; you […]

How do I know the best location to place my TeleSpy?

The best placement location of your telespy: Simple, think like an intruder. If an intruder entered, where would he come from (34% come through the front door)? Where would he go? What does he want? Predicting this movement should dictate the TeleSpy’s position in the room. First place TeleSpy in the best place, lastly run […]

What if I hear a burglar?

First, be grateful you’re not there but are listening from a remote location. Never attempt to apprehend criminals. This could be very dangerous! If professional assistance is required, call 911 or your local law enforcement emergency phone number.

How does the self-test function help me?

The test switch on the TeleSpy powers the green LED light near it. It tells the operator instantly when the motion sensor detects something (light comes on). The light stays during a timed period (the listening period) then the phone would disconnect (light off), now, light is off and TeleSpy is instantly re-armed for the […]