What is a Telescopic Steel Baton?


Telescopic Steel Batons - Expandable Police Baton

Telescopic Steel Batons are made up of three separate sections that are tubular shafts of steel. The further from the handle section you go, each section gets smaller in diameter. This allows the shafts to collapse into each other for storing the baton. The three sections form a rigid solid steel baton, when fully extended…

What is a Telescopic Steel Baton?

Telescopic steel batons have pretty much replaced the old day billy club of law enforcement. These expandable batons are smaller to carry, easy to employ, and are effective weapons both offensively and defensively. To ensure you know how to use this self-defense product effectively, it is best to get professional training.

The different sizes of the telescopic batons are 16”, 21”, and the 26”. Your ability to wield the different sizes along with your personal preference would guide your choice of length. This is another reason for experience from training which can help guide your decision. A general rule of thumb, the taller you are the longer the telescopic steel baton you could use effectively.


telescopic-baton-handleThe baton is easy to hold and will not slip out of your hand since the handle is made of rubber. These rubber grips hold out much better than the older foam grips. After a lot of use the foam grips wear down and will even rip. The rubber grip on the telescopic steel batons last.

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