What is an Ultrasonic Dog Repeller?

dog-repeller-imageThe most humane and safe way to deter an unfriendly dog is the Ultrasonic Dog Repeller. By pressing the power button in conjunction with the verbal and/or hand command, it can also be used as a dog training device…

What is an Ultrasonic Dog Repeller?

If you want to keep those unfriendly dogs out of your way in a safe and humane way, the Ultrasonic Dog Repeller is the device for you. This dog repeller emits a high frequency (20,000 Hz to 25,000 Hz) sound intervally which is hardly audible to humans but can be heard by dogs or cats. When properly used the dog repeller may harmlessly deter the approach of a dog or cat. By directly pointing the dog repeller toward the approaching unfriendly dog while continuously pressing the power button these ultrasonic waves are projected. This will cause discomfort to the dogs and make them get away to avoid the ultrasonic waves that are emitted from the dog repeller. A safe zone can be established between the user and the unfriendly dog by using the dog chaser.

The Ultrasonic Dog Repeller includes a battery replacement checker – by depressing the power button the built-in LED indicator light will light. When this light is not as bright or fails to light, a battery replacement is needed.

Important Information Regarding The Ultrasonic Dog Repeller:

  • You should never point the dog repeller directly at humans
  • Never test the device on your own pets or a familiar animal – this could cause confusion due to loyalty instincts
  • Do not let the unit come in contact with water
  • You should not modify or tamper with the internal components
  • The device could malfunction or work improperly if you cover or paint over the front speaker
  • Age, temperament, illness, or training may affect an animal’s behavior which could vary the devices effectiveness. The device will have no effect on a deaf dog.
  • Always take normal precautions when confronting a dog in addition to using this device.
  • With the Ultrasonic Dog Repeller you will be able to create a safe zone of up to 40 feet between you and the unfriendly dogs.

Does the Ultrasonic Dog Repeller Work?

This is the number one question we are asked about the Ultrasonic Dog Repeller. The answer is YES! However, and as with any self-defense device there are limitations. This device is not guaranteed to turn away every dog. There are many things that can determine the effectiveness of this device such as def, rabid, or especially ferocious dogs my not be affected by the sound. Your own pet or one who knows and trusts you may also not be repelled by the discomforting sound. For this reason Preferred Defense recommends that you carry a dog repellant pepper spray in addition to this device as a backup.